Are you a Wofomer too?

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Millions of new Wofomers exploded onto the scene in 2020. Many were reluctant Wofomers, hoping to escape work-from-home confinement as soon as possible. Are you a Wofomer? What is this word Wofomer all about anyway? Here’s how we came up with the name: A Wofomer is a work-from-home-er. Someone that works from home (or remote) […]

I can’t find a Webcam anywhere! How wofome came to be.

I can’t find a Webcam anywhere!  “Really? Not in today’s world”, I hear you say. But no joke, this happened to me, and… wofome was created as a result. It’s January 2020, and I’ve just finished 18 years working for a major telecom company. I was itching to move on. Who wouldn’t after that long? Freedom […]

How to choose a great workspace location at home

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Here are some pointers on how to choose a great workspace location at home. ‘There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.’  (Source: New Your Times, By William Safire, June 26, 2009) When you work from home, you need to choose a great location inside your property. This choice is essential. If the location […]

What other people see when they look at you on a Zoom call

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Do you know what other people see when they look at you on a Zoom call? Have you ever recorded yourself – and then watched it? A common reaction is: “do I really look like that”? or “my voice sounds weird”. If you could improve anything, what would it be? Do you want to look […]

How to set up your work-from-home office

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Do you want to know how to set up your work-from-home office? Here’s what you need to think about. Setup defined We define a work-from-home setup as the workspace, the tools, and the supporting structures you use when working from home – and how these are laid out and functionally interconnected. Your work-from-home setup might […]

What is work-from-home technology?

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What is work-from-home technology? Is it different from the technology we already use at home and elsewhere? The short answer is: Yes, it’s different. Technology that supports a work-from-home practice is broader than just tech gadgets and software. It considers other work-from-home items not typically thought of as ‘Tech’ – for example, a sit/stand desk. At wofome, we […]

Can working from home affect my wellbeing?

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Can working from home affect your wellbeing? How is working from home different from living at home? If your general home wellbeing habits are poor, working from home won’t improve things. It will likely make things worse. If your wellbeing habits are good, working from home can still make things worse. This sounds like a lose-lose […]

How to structure your remote working practice

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Do you want to know how to structure your remote working practice for success? Just like small-business practice, effective remote working needs structure and a regime. It starts with self-discipline. Plan ahead, establish a routine and stick with it. What your practice model looks like and what’s included will vary significantly from person to person […]

Employer Duty of Care as I work remote

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What is my employer’s duty of care as I work remote or from home? Many workers were required to work from home during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other workers choose to work remote or from home, regardless of the pandemic. Then again, these requirements and choices may be for reasons other than the […]