I want to write a Guest Post (my story)

Do you have a good Remote Working story?

Do you think it will inspire other remote workers? Most likely; it will. We’d love to know more about it.





What should I include?

Here are some guidelines to help you:

Your Story should:

  • Be interesting and informative
  • Be about Remote Working, Hybrid Working or Working from Home
  • Aim for a maximum of 700 words in length (or a minimum of 300 words)
  • Make it easy for a reader to navigate by breaking it into sections – with section headings.
  • Include a few images if that helps tell your story better.
  • Be in English and of readable quality

How do I send you my story?

Please email your story to contact@wofome.com. Either as raw text in the email itself – or as a document attachment to your email (MS Word/Google Docs attachments accepted). You can attach images too – provided they are a suitable file size for emailing.

Our review process

We’ll give your story a good ‘once-over’ and let you know if its a ‘go’ for publication. Subject to demand, we could respond to you as follows:

  • Accept your story – as is
  • Request amendments to your story – pending further review
  • Make suggestions for amendments

Other things to know

If your story is accepted for publication, we will classify your story as a ‘Guest Post’.

If we consider your story to be acceptable ‘as-is’, we may publish it without further consultation with you.

You acknowledge that in giving your story to us, you automatically give us permission to publish it.

In giving your story to us, you are agreeing to give your story to wofome as a voluntary contribution and, in doing so, you grant wofome irrevocable and unconditional rights to use, publish, and transmit your story for sharing, educational, informational and any other reproduction at our sole discretion. If you do not agree to this, you should not send us your content.

If your story is published on wofome, it will remain visible as a Guest Post indefinitely, or until we choose to withdraw it from public view. wofome has no obligation to provide you a reason for the withdrawal of your story.

You can ask for your story to be withdrawn at any time. If you do, we will withdraw your story from public view – within a suitable timeframe – subject to our workloads at that time. Your story may remain in our archives. If you wish to have your story deleted from our archives, you should ask for this to be done via written email.

wofome will not intentionally give your story to any third parties.

In giving your story to us, you agree your story is not considered to be your personal information for the purposes of your privacy. You should avoid including any personal data in your story.

wofome accepts no liability for the content of your story.

Your Details

Author details you can include:

  • Your name.
  • Your professional title (optional).
  • Name of the organisation you work for (optional). See note about ‘Branding and Links’ below
  • Your location (country, state, county/suburb).
  • Date (the date you send your story to wofome).

About the Author name:

  • You can use your real name (first name and/or last name), or;
  • You can use an avatar name acceptable to wofome, or;
  • You can use a generic name – examples: ‘a Wofomer‘, ‘a wofome reader‘ etc. or;
  • You can choose to remain anonymous

Branding and Links

Your story must not contain any 3rd party (non-wofome) branding – or links to other internet locations (websites, email, social etc.) – yours, or others. You can include the name of the organisation you work for in the Author details. If you would like to promote any 3rd party  products, services or internet locations – including your own, you should first seek permission from wofome. We are open to affiliate promotion – strictly at wofome’s discretion.

Guest Post – Full Legal Terms

To review all our legal terms for Guest Posts, please visit the section headed ‘Contributor Terms’ on our Terms page.

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