How to structure your work-from-home Practice

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Do you want to know how to structure your work-from-home practice for success?

Just like small-business practice, effective working-from-home needs structure and a regime.

It starts with self-discipline. Plan ahead, establish a routine and stick with it.

What your practice model looks like and what’s included will vary significantly from person to person and will depend on your unique circumstances.


Key components

A Daily Schedule is best managed with a day calendar, segmented into hours. Recognise your biorhythms and, if you can, align worktime to when you are most alert and productive.

A Dedicated workspace. Try setting aside an area exclusively for your work-from-home practice if you have space. 

A strong Mindset. Maintain good discipline when working and when you transition from work mode into home/private mode and back.

Robust Distraction Management. You should have a non-negotiable set of rules for managing distractions – before they occur.

Wellbeing Support. Be vigilant about your wellbeing. Stick to regular exercise routines and keep wellbeing equipment close at hand. Ergonomic furniture is almost a must.

General Supporting materials. Make ample use of simple things like a calendar, spreadsheet, notepad, to-do lists, reminder cards, whiteboard, or more complicated items like technology, furniture and furnishings, etc.


Breakdown – then rebuild

A good way to improve your practice is to break areas down into their essentials, then rebuild them up into something better and more functional.

At wofome, we have done some of the legwork for you. Here are the key areas you should break down, then rebuild better:

  • Practice
  • Location
  • Setup
  • Tech
  • Admin
  • Image
  • Wellbeing
  • Profile


Our website content is organised into these topic areas to help you research your own rebuilding efforts. Check our CATEGORIES menu to navigate to a particular area you want to improve or visit our TOOLKIT section for a walkthrough of each of these areas, laid out in an easy-to-follow sequence.


A work-from-home practice that’s not done from home

Some of us practice work-from-home-type activities which may not be done from home. People who do this are:

  • Remote workers
  • Road warriors (on-the-road workers)
  • Coffee shop junkies (who love to sit in a coffee shop and do remote work from there)
  • Site workers (often working remote at a customer’s site)


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Is this you? The main challenge to this way of working is less control over your choice of location.

Almost all the Key Components listed earlier are still applicable to a remote working situation, except (maybe) for a dedicated workspace. You can always create a functional or temporary workspace that you can call your very own – no matter your location. Be sure to check out our LOCATION and SETUP categories for more tips to help you.


The hybrid worker

Many Wofomers* work both from home and their place of employment, alternating between the two throughout the week. It’s either ad-hoc or based on a fixed schedule. (Example: Mondays and Tuesdays from home and the rest of the week at their employer-provided workplace). This kind of working is called Hybrid.

If you are a hybrid worker, you should ask yourself which work-from-home items you need at your employer-provided workplace. Make a list of all the things you use when working from home. Delete or add items that don’t/do apply when working from your employer-provided workplace. Ideally, use the same items regardless of where you are. This will reduce disruption when you transition between the two. The quality of your work will benefit as well.


(* a Wofomer is a work-from-home-er)


In conclusion, your work-from-home practice should have structure and rules. It helps if you document your ideas, thoughts and plans. That’s good practice too!

A final note from the team…

As we improve wofome, we are building out our insights and ideas – mostly based on your input. We’d love for you to leave a comment below.

wofome’s main aim is to help make working from home successful for you or your organisation. Help us help you (and others). It’s about learning from each other. If you are currently involved in working from home, you are a work-from-home expert in your own right. Have your say – it will help others. If you are interested in writing a Guest Post for wofome, please go to the Guest Post area.

Thank you
The wofome team


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