Peculiar products that improve working-from-home

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Are you curious about peculiar products that improve working-from-home?

When you search online for products suited to working from home, you almost always end up on sites aimed at technology (like computers) or ergonomic furniture.

While these are essential elements of a work-from-home setup, we want to bring attention to less obvious items. These can provide easy ways to improve your layout, often with minimal financial commitment.

We intend to do a series of posts on this theme. It should surprise and delight. The best part is; many Wofomers* have created unique solutions that don’t exist online or anywhere else.

If you have created something you believe is a must-have for other Wofomers, we would love to hear about it. You never know; it could become the next big thing. If it’s truly groundbreaking, then wofome is a great place to showcase it.


(* a Wofomer is a work-from-home-er)


Here are the first peculiar products in this series:

Desk lamps that can double as video lighting

If you research video lighting online, you often end up at video/photography websites. The lighting solutions they promote are usually purpose-built and carry a high price tag because they are classed as professional photography/videography equipment. They typically come with all kinds of features such as correct colour balance and many accessories like tripods, filters, screens and more.

At the other end of the scale, you can find many cheap video light options on websites like Amazon. Probably the most common one is the ring-light.

There is nothing wrong with any of these.

But what if you could use your humble desk lamp and achieve the same (or similar) result? Additionally, it has a dual purpose; a desk lamp (most of the time) and a video light when needed. Let me point out that this recommendation is for people who use a video camera while sitting at their desk. If this is you, then check this out:

wok from home setup 10


Temporary, easy, rapid-deploy backgrounds

If you work from home, chances are your workspace is very comfy, just the way you like it. Maybe it’s not always as tidy as you’d like. That’s okay – until you have a visitor (whether in-person or on a video call). Have you ever heard the phrase “at that moment, I wish the ground had swallowed me up” (or something similar)?

What to do?

Well, here’s a simple way to hide that messy background – or create a barrier you can place offending items behind. Basically, these are rapid-deploy screening. There are many options available. Some you can build by yourself with a bit of personal creativity.

work from home setup 11


Free, professional-looking backdrop

If you work at home for an organisation, here’s a way to get a professional-looking screen to hide a messy background or create a divider between your workspace and the surrounding area. Above all else – you should try to get it for FREE.

Your pitch to your organisation should be:

  1. do you want me to look more professional?
  2. can I advertise our company logo on your behalf?
  3. do you want kudos by showing you are equipping your work-from-home workforce?
  4. I’ll give it back if I leave the organisation.

work from home setup 12


Spill-proof cup holder

Do you keep a drink on hand when working at your desk? Do you have any electronics on your desk? Are you ever worried about a spill? I am highlighting this addition because I have had that horrible moment, not once but several times.

I keep my laptop on my desk. It’s so low-profile it’s just the wrong (right?) height for an approaching coffee tsunami. Like open mouths, the USB ports sit there waiting for their first (and final) coffee fix.

Please don’t risk it. You can find these items in many online stores. They are usually priced below $10. Compare that to a $1000+ laptop. The math is compelling.

work from home setup13


To sum up, this is the first post in a series of peculiar work-from-home products. We would love to hear about extraordinary items you have discovered or invented. Be sure to check our categories SETUP and TECHNOLOGY for more ideas.

A final note from the team…

As we improve wofome, we are building out our insights and ideas – mostly based on your input. We’d love for you to leave a comment below.

wofome’s main aim is to help make working from home successful for you or your organisation. Help us help you (and others). It’s about learning from each other. If you are currently involved in working from home, you are a work-from-home expert in your own right. Have your say – it will help others. If you are interested in writing a Guest Post for wofome, please go to the Guest Post area.

Thank you
The wofome team


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