Remote Worker Toolkit

Discover ways to improve your own remote working experience.

Opinions matter. Study what others are saying about remote working. Get new ideas.  Your opinions matter too. Tell us yours.

Some people hate working remote because their workspace location (usually at home) is not ideal. Pay careful attention to the location you choose.

Is your remote workspace simple or complicated? Is it permanent or temporary? Explore great set-up ideas here at

Remote Working tech is broader than standard tech. It includes ergonomics, furniture, backdrops, lighting and much more. Get on board!

Don’t burn your personal time and money while you work remote. Good administration is key.

Image and presentability are important. They affect your reputation. You should always  look your best. People do notice… 

It’s easy to skimp on being active and healthy when you work remote. Discover the hidden health hazards. Stay informed, stay healthy! 

Remote working (or working from home) is a remote work practice. It is improved by technique, routine and methodology. If you improve  your practice, you improve your outcomes.

Did you end up working remote due to the pandemic? Maybe you’ll never return to your old workplace. Is this you? Do you have a remote-employee checklist?

Is your organisation successfully supporting a remote workforce? wofome researches remote-working best practices. See our findings here – or ask for more.

wofome monitors remote-working news, opinions and trends. See more here.