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Whether remote work is a boon or a bust for businesses is one of the most relevant organizational debates today. The COVID-19 pandemic made telework common…

Hard workplace reality: The heightened pandemic-era surveillance that workers thought was temporary is showing signs of longevity…

Earlier this month, a technology entrepreneur named Chris Herd posted a thread on Twitter. “I spoke to 10 x Billion $ companies who canceled return to the office due to…

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work from home setup 2
Millions of new Wofomers exploded onto the scene in 2020. Many were reluctant Wofomers, hoping to escape work-from-home confinement as soon as possible. Are you a Wofomer? What is this word Wofomer all about
work from home setup 1
What is work-from-home technology? Is it different from the technology we already use at home and elsewhere? The short answer is: Yes, it’s different. Technology that supports a work-from-home practice is broader than just tech gadgets

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