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“I believe we –  Wofomers – are not well represented online.
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wofome founder, Sean

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Working from home can be fun. It can be very productive. For many, it’s a new way of working.

For others, it’s not so fun. It can be a negative experience; something to escape.

wofome can help you make the most of your work-from-home situation, good or bad, as it may be. 

wofome gives you working-from-home insights, ideas, and a place where you can have your say.

After all, if you are a Wofomer (a work-from-home-er) – by choice or not – you’re already a work-from-home expert! 

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Opinions matter. Study what others say about working from home. It’ll help broaden your own thinking and give you new ideas.  Your opinions matter too. Tell us yours.

Some people hate working from home because their workspace location is not ideal. They don’t know this. Choosing a good location is something you should pay careful attention to.

Is your work-from-home workspace simple or elaborate? Is it permanent or temporary? We explore and champion great set-up ideas and share them here at

Work-from-home tech is different from – and broader than – tech you’re likely familiar with. It includes ergonomics, furniture, backdrops, lighting and much more. Get onboard!

If you don’t want to lose money, time and personal resources, working from home needs administration. Admin is not glamorous. If you’re working to make money, why lose it?

Image and presentability are important – even when working from home. Unless you are never seen or heard, you should ensure you’re always looking your best. People do notice… 

It’s easy to skimp on being active and healthy when you work from home. There are hidden health hazards you may not be aware of. Stay informed (here at wofome), and stay vigilant!

Working from home is a practice. And just like any practice, it is improved by technique, routine and methodology. If you improve  your practice, you improve your outcomes.

Many workers ended up working from home due to the pandemic. Many may never return to their old workplace fulltime. Is this you? We’re on this journey alongside you. 

wofome embraces the challenges organisations experience supporting their work-from-home workforce. We seek-out best practice, and share our findings. Help us help you. 

We track online news and data about the practice of working from home. This work-type is on the rise – thanks in no small part to the pandemic. Enjoy this content. Share your findings. 

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